Ene Soidla

Ene Soidla:

I believe that every person is the best expert in their life but sometimes they need an unbiased listener and guide to cope better with difficult situations. By approaching the family systemically and helping the family to see the processes happening in the family system through family counselling so that people find possible solutions faster and easier through the counselling process.

Relationships can always be improved, and good relationships are the basis of good health.

I advise couples, families as individuals and also work with families sent by child protection specialists.

I have the experience of a functioning honeycomb family and sincerely believe that well-functioning relationships are up to us.

A healthy mind in a healthy body is what motivates me to actively engage in sports and self - development.


* I graduated from Tallinn health care College (1997-2001)
* Oman master's degree in Social Education and child protection at Tallinn University (2005-2007)
* Worked in the medical field for over 20 years.
* I completed the initial course of systemic family therapy (2017)
* Training of practical metaphor cards (2018)
* PREP couples training (2018)
* META-EFT (techniques of emotional release) Level I Course (2019)
* 4 clinic Generalized Anxiety Disorder (2019)
* KATRIITO: teenager and depression (2019); child anxiety (2019)
* Mental health Conference (2018; 2019)
* EFTA-NFTO Conference (2019)
* Training in psychopathology and psychopharmacology (2020)
* Estonian School of Family Therapy: Training in family psychotherapy (2018-2021)

* Mourning training (2020)

* EELK family family counselor (2018-…
* Member of the Estonian Family Therapy Association
* Founder of the Hinge Harmoonia MTÜ